Whitening Toothpaste

What’s the best one to buy? The question really is, if your looking for a whitening toothpaste , what is it you are trying to do.

Lots of studies have been done on this and it shows that what you need to really whiten your teeth is generally not there or not there in sufficient concentrations.

In general, we find that most whitening toothpaste do not work to whiten teeth. Some people can also get damage from some of these toothpastes. People start using these and have reactions like tooth sensativity, canker sores, irritations in their mouth and more.

I tell people to get rid of the whitening toothpaste and tarter control toothpaste because you really don’t need them.

Even John Tesh and his group looked at 41 different products and found that none of them really worked. (http://www.tesh.com/ittrium/visit/A1x97x1y1xa5x1x76y1x2431x1x9by1x2436x1y5xbd90x5x1)

This is consistant to what has been found in University studies and double blind studies.
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